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CoverJohn Gray: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
This book helps not only couples to understand their partners well but also help readers to understand themselves better.It tells you why men and women behave differently; why the same words but men and women interpret them differently and many other difficult situations faced by couples daily.This book reminds us that many fights between couples started from ‘Not What We Say But How We Say It.’I recommend it to anyone who is in a relationship, about to start a relationship or even you feel that you are at the end of your relationship.


CoverAndrew Matthews: Being Happy! a Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security...
I got this book as a birthday present from my class-mate in 1991.A book that you can read over and over again, just open it whenever you are down, feeling sad and everything doesn’t go your way.It will help you to be more positive, more understanding and more forgiving to yourself.A quotation from the book...Why traffic lights stay red for half a day when you’re late for an appointment? (We all asked such question at times) The cartoons in the book make it more fun and interesting to read.

Cover Xenophobe's Guide to Germans
Before I decided to move to Germany, I was fed with all kind of important information about Germans and Germany by my French colleague and my good friend, who was then working and living in Germany. To be honest, he was right about a lot of things that he told me about the Germans in general. However, we can’t judge an individual by these facts on a whole. No matter how much we’ve prepared ourselves mentally to live in a new environment, it’s never an easy task. It takes time to understand the people and its culture. Some things we might never be able to understand. Perhaps this book could help! A small booklet with 64 pages, definitely fun to read.

Power Sewing Step-By-Step
by Sandra Betzina
If you have just adopted this sewing hobby or just started a sewing course and looking for a book that could guide you further, besides the few hours sewing course that you are attending once a week. This is a good book with colour pictures that show readers the sewing techniques and give details instructions.

Fabric Savvy: The Essential Guide for Every Sewer
By Sandra Betzina
This book is like my Fabric Dictionary. I've learned a lot about different kind of materials and the way to handle them. How I should preshrink them, what kind of needles and presser foot I should use. The colour pictures give readers a visual ideal of different kind of fabrics. It is so interesting, only after reading this book I realised I have been using the wrong needle for the wrong fabric. I am doing exactly what Martha Pullen, host of Martha's Sewing Room said behind the book, carry Sandra's Fabric Savvy with me every time I go shopping for fabric.
Pop-up Gift Cards (Origami Classroom)
by Masahiro Chatani
I found this book in the library while browsing through a few others to find some guides to make a pop-up card for a special friend. For a first timer, I find it easy to follow and not complicated at all. The result turned out very good and satisfying.

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