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A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul
This is not a special cook.It’s a book written by normal people like you and me, telling and sharing their lives and experiences.There are titles on love, parenting, death and dying, teaching and overcoming obstacles.This book would make you laugh, cry and you might be addicted to love after reading it.
It contains of many short stories contributed by different people and compiled by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.It is an easy reading material and is also ideal for those who want to read something but have no time for a novel
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul: 101...
More stories about lives from women.You might see yourself in these wonderful women sometimes.It will give you more inspiration and encouragement in life. Topics on Love, Live Your Dreams,Motherhood,Overcoming Obstacles and Miracles can be found in this book.This book is dedicated to all women and mothers, and also a perfect book for men to read.If you are looking for a gift for a lady, for birthday or for other occasion, go for this book.
Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul: 101...
Maybe all of you notice that I’m introducing a series of Chicken Soup of the Soul.Yes, I love these books and I’m addicted to them.Not only that I read them, I’m also collecting them.Of course not all titles, I am not into Chicken Soup for the golf soul.This book tells stories about love and relationship.It’s really fascinating to read the story of couple who shared how they kept the love flame still burning after 50 years of marriage.It is a good wedding gift and I recommend it to everyone who is in love or hopes to be in love some day.
Adeline Yen Mah: Falling Leaves
A memoir of Adeline Mah Yen, telling her painful childhood story in China in the 40s and 50s.Her mother died after giving birth to her.In the olden Chinese culture naturally she was the curse and jinx that brought bad luck to the family.Her struggle to gain the love and recognition of her father and survivor the abuse of her cruel step mother brought me tears. You will learn a lot about the Chinese culture in this book,like the fact that boys are seen more important in a family and girls don’t need higher education.Although nowadays the Chinese are not so old fashion anymore but I believe many families in China and some Chinese communities in Malaysia still practising such old traditions.
Adeline Yen Mah: Chinese Cinderella: The Secret Story of an unwanted daughter
The story in this book is quite the same with Falling leaves.Falling Leaves travelled back to the time in 1880s,telling the story of her grandfather and grandaunt.It gives more details on her family history.Whereas, Chinese Cinderella tells about Adeline’s childhood up to the age of fourteen.The story is shorter, more simple and in bigger print, so it’s easier to read. It suits younger readers and teenagers.
Bridget Jones's Diary. Film tie-in.
I never watched the movie but find this book fun and easy to read. The phenomenon of single women in their late 20s or 30s. Not always the case but we do see ourselves in Bridget, sometimes! Being a bit insecure and feeling not good enough at times. Or when we have to spend the weekend alone in the apartment and no dates on Valentine’s. After reading this book, you might be more sensitive towards your still single girlfriends. Author: Helen Fielding ISBN: 0330375253
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(Book 5) Finally, the long waited book is out. If you have not got a copy for yourself, just click from here and you will be led to Amazon site. Where you could purchase online. JK Rowling previous four books were absolutely brilliant. I believe this book would not be any less interesting than the other four series. ISBN: 0747551006
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
(Book 1) Despite the strong publicity and good critiques, many friends of mine are still very sceptic about this book and never try to read it. I was often asked, it is just a children book, what so special about it? Some said they didn’t like fantasy stories. When I was reading this first book, it reminded me of those books I used to read about boarding school from Enid Byton. The magic based in the story is just like salt and pepper to make the food taste better. The true ingredients are about people and the characters of human beings. It is about the real world that we are living in, good and evil intention of a human being, rich and poor, the strong and the weak. The are rules we must follow living in this world and never abuse your power. It is very educational for children. I was very fascinated by the way the author wrote the stories. How an unimportant character which appeared in the first book for a short time turned out to be „something" in the 3rd book. It is amazing! This book was recommended to me by my pastor, I finished the first book and straight away ordered the whole set of four. You won’t regret it, once you start you can’t stop and want more! ISBN: 0747532745 Author: J.K.Rowling
Shanghai Baby
Shanghai Baby. - Wei Hui
A story of love, sex and selv-discovery -banned in China.
This is how the publisher tries to sell this book - I have to admit that before reading it I was nor really convinced it would really be like that...
But I just finished reading it, and it is one of the best books I read during the last months. Wei Hui is a young Chinese author, at least outside of China THE voice of the young generation of Chinese writers. To put this straight from the beginning - there whould have been no need to ban the book... according to our western view of things. It is one of the truest, most romantic and same time realistic love story I ever read. Nothing like Henry Miller (one of Wei Hui's Idols...). If there was ever a need to prove that love is timeless and ageless, here it is... We can only recomand it to anyone. Lovers, ex-lovers, people in sorrow... and joy. You won't regret. And learn a bit about China and Chinese mentality too...
A Widow for One Year - John Irving review:
John Irving's A Widow For One Year is the epic story of a family, dysfunctional at best, unable to cope with tragedy--or with each other. The unabridged audiobook, narrated by George Guidall (The Cat Who Sang for the Birds, The Inner Sanctum, The Legacy) draws the listener in with a crisp, methodical vocal presentation. Guidall portrays each character with a convincingly distinct voice, accurately impersonating the characters' intonations and verbal habits. The interaction between characters is both conversational and believable. We first meet Ruth Cole in the summer of 1958 when she walks in on her mother having sex with 16-year-old Eddie O'Hare, the assistant to Ruth's alcoholic father. The death of Ruth's older brothers (years before she was born) turns her mother, Marion, into a zombie who is unable to love her surviving daughter. Ted Cole is a semisuccessful writer and illustrator of disturbingly creepy children's novels. His womanizing habits prove he's "as deceitful as a damaged condom," but he remains the only stable figure in Ruth's life. The tempestuous tale fast-forwards to the year 1990 when Ruth's soaring writing career is faring far better than her lackluster love life. The final segment of the novel ends in 1995 when 41-year-old Ruth is ready to fall in love for the first time. This profoundly absorbing story expresses the depths of misery and the healing power of love. Irving writes as a true storyteller, and Guidall executes the narrative with vigor and enthusiasm. --Gina Kaysen
The Singapore Story
By Lee Kuan Yew

This is a very well documented Singapore history book. About 10% of the contents telling his private stories, the rest are about Singapore history. His fights and struggles that brought to Singapore's independence from the British. It is about the battles against communist and Japanese occupation. I am not a Lee Kuan Yew fan, but this book fascinated me. It is interesting to find out, how Singapore had always been independent and organised before independence. What kind of events Mr.Lee took part while fighting for independence, but he prohibited his people from doing after that. For examples, people going on strike or street demonstration. Although this fact doesn't impressed me, but probably from a leader of a multi-cultural society point of view, it is important to implement dos and don'ts in order to maintain a harmony society! Well, one thing for sure is the achievement and success of today's Singapore, of course has this leader to thank to!
ISBN: 0130208035
Memoiren Einer Geisha
Kiharu Nakamura (in German)

This book is about the real life of a Geisha; a non fiction story of a person called Kiharu Nakamura. There is no detail about what a Geisha's duties in the Geisha House or what really happened in there. Kiharu tells how she came into this Geisha profession, what it was like being Geisha in the Japanese society. Both respected and disrespected at the same time, as I could understand from this book. It is quite amazing to find out such a character in her and how open minded she was for a Japanese woman who was born in that generation. For some readers, she is too self-centred and tells too much about how generous she was to other people she met throughout her life. In actual fact, she is only sharing with others the way she lived and her culture.
ISBN: 3404129547
The Breaker
By Minette Walters

This was my first novel from Minette Walters. Katie was killed and her body is washed up the shore. Just twenty miles away her small daughter, Hannah, was found wondering on the street alone. As the witness of her mother's death, how did Hannah escape from being killed? Is Hannah autistic? Or is she suffering from some kind of psychological trauma? She wouldn't talk…
ISBN: 0515128821
The Echo
By Minette Walters

Minette Walters is a very imaginative crime fiction author. Those of you out there, CSI fans, might like her stories. The suspenseful story brings your mind wondering who could have been the murder (everyone is under suspicion)! It kept me awake all night….you just can't stop reading it once you've started.
ISBN: 0515122564

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