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Since the end of last year I have adopted a few hobbies like sewing, creating my own greeting cards and beadwork on clothing. Except for the weekly sewing course that I'm taking at the moment, I'm learning most of the trades and get most of the information from books.

Unfortunately it is not possible to get these books (English) in any bookshops in Germany, and fortunately there is www.amazon.de, where I could find most English reference books. It is also nice to have someone with whom we could exchange ideas and experiences. This will make our hobbies more fun, besides saving us the troubles from investing in unsuitable books. Often I've ordered books online based on the short descriptions and book cover, only to find out later it was not what I was looking for.

Recently, I am into jewellery beadworks and discovered some good works from a friend of mine, Lydia. The idea for this site came after seeing her designs at a friend's wedding. The purpose of this site is to share with you Lydia's works as a hobby beads-jewellery designer. As well we would recommend books we have used to practise this hobby. A click will link you to www.amazon.de for your purchase convenience if you are living in Germany or Europe.

Simple chokers tied with leather string in black or brown. Hippie style - matching with Jeans and T-shirts.

Dangling pearl earrings, not only fit for a wedding gown, also for dinner dress.

A rodium plated necklace with a blue crystal cross and 4 little blue crystal "lanterns". Perfect for evening wears.


A combination of blue and white pearls/beads with double rolls of nylon string.

A pair of simple earrings with 2 blue and 2 turquoise colour beads. Simple yet elegant


"Fire-crackers" rings in various colours beads and pearls.

Oriental style earrings

Light & dark green crystal beads with pearls "Fire-crackers Ring", multi shades of blue beads necklace with a blue crystal beads flower brooch, light and dark blue crystal beads with pearls "Fire-crackers Ring" and a green crystal beads flower brooch.

Green Agate stones with multi colours beads and matching "Fire-crackers Ring"

Combination of Ethnic colours beads necklace with a flower pendant.

Oriental Ethnic earrings.

If you have any comment regarding the colours, if you would prefer certain combinations or would like to know more about any of the above pieces, feel free to drop us a mail.

Email: lydia_angsn@yahoo.com.sg

If you are looking for something specific to match your wedding dress or ball gown, please feel free to contact Lydia.

Coming up: We will add more photos for your viewing pleasure and recommended books

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