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Looking for a restaurant anywhere in Germany? Found one and would like to share your impressions with others? Then visit this side - it is in German language, but we found it quite usefull...!

Chinese Restaurant
Centro Oberhausen
(0208) 24772
Daily opened
Lunch Buffet 12.00 bis 16.30 Diner Buffet 17.30 bis 22.30

So far the best Chinese restaurant we found in Ruhrgebeits. It serves a great evening buffet with great varieties, you can eat all you can and stay as long as you wish (within business time) at the price of 15,95 Euro except drinks. This restaurant is big and spacious, there is no problem for family with children to find a cosy corner. The foods are great, we enjoyed our meal from starter till dessert. One dish that I think is not the speciality of the restaurant is the curry, other dishes like prawns, crabs sweet and sour fish, Ku Lo Yuk, fried rice, Chow Mien and duck meat are indeed yummy.

Indian Restaurant
Shere Punjab
Elisabethstraße 7
Tel. (0209) 20 67 63
Fax (0209) 1 48 50 21
Opening times daily 17.30 - 24.00
Sunday and public holidays 12.00 - 24.00

This restaurant is famous as the best Indian restaurant in the Ruhr area, many non-Gelsenkircheners came here to have a taste of Indian foods.The dishes are more north Indian specialities.It serves very good lamb curry and Prawn Masala.Besides that, the garlic Naan bread and Samosa taste lecker too.I think Indian foods are quite difficult to be modified, due to the spices they used to cook the dishes.It will lose the real taste if some spices are removed.The spiciness can be compromised, you can request your dishes to be very hot or less spicy.Worth a try.

Thai Restaurant
Kuhstr. 33 (Galeria Duisburg)
47051 Duisburg
(0203) 2895850
Opening times: daily 12.00 - 15.00 and 18.00 - 24.00

Award winner and being rated as one of the top 100 restaurants in Germany. The foods were indeed very good. Recommended are Chilli Cuttlefish, Tom Yam seafood soup and Mussaman Curry We were not only fascinated by the cutlery sets but also the service. If you do not know what to choose, you may ask the waitress for advice. Here you have a chance to eat the traditional way, sitting on the floor (with comfort). Good thing has its price, dining in this restaurant costs twice as much compared to other Asian restaurants. The bill would come out to about 60-70Euro for two persons.

Cantonese Restaurant
St. Anny Food BV
Bahnstr. 66
40210 Düsseldorf
Tel : 0211-1623 421
Opening time : Mon - Fri 9.30 - 19.00 Sat 9.00 - 16.00

Anyone who misses some Cantonese dim-sums and char-siew buns, should pay a visit to St. Anny Food in Düsseldorf. It is like a bakery, where you could buy ready baked char-siew buns, char-siew sor, egg tarts and mooncakes (during season) besides frozen dim-sums. The price is also reasonable, €0.80 for a piece of egg tart or char-siew bun. How does it taste like? Well, like at home. The company founded in 1996, these products are manufactured in Rotterdam. So, this guaranteed, what we eat are fresh. St. Anny Food BV could be found in a few places in Europe; Düsseldorf (the only one in Germany), Rotterdam, The Hague (The Netherlands), Antwerp, Brussels (Belgium). Website:

Hotelangebote in Düsseldorf

Indonesian Restaurant
Restaurant Bali
Grüner Weg 6
58644 Iserlohn (Sauerland)
Tel : 02371-797921
Opening time: Tue - Sat from 1730hrs Sun from 1130hrs
Mon closed

This restaurant may not be so well known and definitely is not in any restaurant chains. We discovered it only through a friend who happened to work there during weekends. It serves both a-la-cart and buffet. I was a bit sceptic when I first heard about it, not very sure if I should believe it is real good and taste local Indonesian. Furthermore, why a good Indonesian restaurant doing in Iserlohn?! Anyway, a group of us 5 Southeast Asians together with our European-partners dined there, the result was -------- Super good, and we will go back there again for sure! The owners, an Indonesian man and a Thai lady, so those dishes offered are mixture of Indonesian and Thai. The restaurant is medium size and very often fully booked. It is advisable to call first before going there. Buffet is €12 per adult and €6.50 per kid under 12 years old.

Na Ni Wa
Noodles & Soups

Oststrasse 55
40211 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211-16 17 99

As an Asian living in Germany, I'm always looking forward to discover any restaurant and noodle house that serve if not original almost original Asian food. Düsseldorf has the biggest Japanese community in Germany, it is also not surprising to find good sushi bars and great Japanese food in this city. Naniwa noodles & soups is the imbiss type of eating place, very small and cram inside. Its speciality is noodle in soup, with the special single or double broth. Of course rice dishes and fried noodles can be found here as well. My first visit was on a Saturday and this noodles-house opened at 12pm sharp and the queue started at about 11.30am. We did attract a lot of curios eyes, since those who were in the queue were mainly Japanese and other Asians. What I found interesting was, the hot bowl of noodle was made there and then like at the hawker stall. One bowl of noodle is about €9

Hotelangebote in Düsseldorf

Baan Thai
Berger Strasse 28 (Am Carlsplatz) 40213 Düsseldorf-Altstadt
Tel: 0211-32 63 63
Daily: from 1200-2400hrs

Another considered good restaurant in Altstadt, Düsseldorf. Baan Thai is a Thai restaurant, where I found the food are quite Thai. The menus are quite alright, I found some standard Thai food like duck with bamboos or Mango sauce, Massaman curry, Thai green curry etc. I do find the Vorspeisen and Suppen real good, it offers a bit more than what you can get from other Thai restaurant. I had the tom-yam-gung soup and requested it to be hot, and I got if burning my lips. For main course, we had fish and seafood and I must say it was tasty. What I like about this restaurant is the interior, it gave us a Thai feeling and I was happy to be able to sit on the floor (with a hole under the table) for dinner. How about the price? It is expensive.

Hotelangebote in Düsseldorf

Original China-Restaurant
Bahnstraße 72
40210 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211-354291
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 1200-2330HRS
Saturday REST
Sunday 1200-2330HRS

It is a small restaurant that serves good noodles and rice porridge. The cooking is quite typical Cantonese style; yau-char-kueh with porridge, wan-tan noodle soup, char-siew noodle soup (these soupy things are rare in local Chinese restaurants), char-siew fun-cheong, many varieties of dim-sum, fried vegetables and another great dish would be the roast duck. This is also a place where you see about 80% Asians. The dim-sum is between €2-3++ and a bowl of noodle soup is about €8+. These are the simple food that we are missing so much, and I am really glad that I could find it in Düsseldorf. The only thing I miss seeing is the dim-sum coming in this steamer trolley and also I miss the noise that we are used to while having dim-sum on a Sunday morning in Malaysia.

Hotelangebote in Düsseldorf

Champor Asian Cuisine
Warthestr. 5
81927 München
Tel 089 / 993 177 64
Fax 089 / 993 00 334
Opened: Mo-Fr 11:30 till 14:30 and 18:00 till23:30
Sa 18:00 bis 24:00
Sunday Rest

Champor is the very first Malaysian restaurant in Munich. It is recommended by some fellow Malaysians living down south. Here you can find authentic Malaysian foods (Chinese, Indian, Malay/Indonesian, Thai). If you miss roti canai,,,,maybe is time to pay Champor a visit. Kiren (the boss) has promised - original.

Hotelangebote in München

Busan Koreanisches Restaurant
Bismarkstr. 53
40210 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 - 175 2115 Opened: Mon - Sun 1200 - 1500hrs and 1800 - 2330hrs

Busan is a small restaurant offers only buffet lunch and dinner. The Korean has a lot of small side dishes (both cold and warm) that consist of fish, vegetable, grill meat and tofu. These dishes can go with either noodle or rice. Since we have a good Korean friend in our midst, we have learned and tasted some typical Korean dishes before. Busan is where we have our weiter Bildung!

Hotelangebote in Düsseldorf

Bochum: Brüderstraße 15 44787 Bochum,
Bermuda 3eck

Oberhausen: Promenade 35, 46047 Oberhausen,

Mangolive has a very interesting concept - to experience the new Eurasische Küche "Eurasia Kitchen". It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner; especially the buffet dinner, I myself find it really exotic. We (or Joe) had some kangaroo, crocodile and rattle snake meats for buffet dinner. It was very nice indeed. You are not going to find authentic Asian or southeast Asian foods here. But Mangolive has a bit of everything and I must say the food taste great. The restaurant is designed for cosiness and comfy. It has become one of the favourite locations to meet up my friends.


Schwarze Horn Ecke Limbecker Strasse
45127 Essen
Tel: 0201-1892960

Anyone out there who is craving for Singapore leckerei? Then you should drop-by Ginger. Ginger has some very "fast and easy" rice and noodle dishes for "kleiner Hunger" and some real good Singapore dishes specially prepared by the boss cum Chef (Robert) which required pre order at least one day before. Very much recommended by us are Robert's Peking duck, Redang Kalio and his curry. Ginger is a small but cosy restaurant. However it has space enough for our 20-people-gathering. Not only that, it has also a prefect location, at Essen city centre.


Castroper Str 219
44791 Bochum
Tel: 0234-50 38 53
Daily from 12-15pm & 18-23pm
Monday closed

Royal Seoul has both a-la-cart and buffet. However buffet is only available from 6 - 9pm. It was again a recommendation by our Korean friend to eat in this restaurant. The food is good. From the buffet bar there are combinations of Korean and some other Asian dishes. Korean has a lot of small side dishes which I don't know the name but guaranteed yummy. What I find very tasty are these side dishes and tempura. €14+ for the buffet per person and we had a nice evening there.


Klosterstr. 38
40211 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211-35 78 53
Mon-Fri: 1130-1430hrs & 1800-2200hrs
Son: 1800-2200
Sat : closed

Sushi and more. Kikaku offers very good set lunch. I have been there a few times for lunch. Just be prepared if you arrive at about 1230 to 1pm, you might have to wait for a table. Kikaku has a sushi bar at the airport since 2005, can't tell much about the quality, I have yet to try. Since there are many Japanese passengers flying from Düsseldorf, I would think it won't be far different from what the city offers.

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